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Frequently asked questions

Can I book an intake session?

For bookings, please do it online. Or, send an email to careers.innovatorme@gmail.com to know about the perfect course for you. Our online chat facilitates 24/7 service to embrace your future with us.

What are our Fees?

The fee of every program varies depending on the course, tutor, time, and requirement. For further details drop an email to careers.innovatorme@gmail.com

What is innovatorme?

InnovatorMe enhances the creative potential of individuals and develops an understanding of the organization's innovation practices. This objective states that participants should adopt new skills for innovation while they also learn how to apply them in everyday work.

Why Innovatorme?

Stand out - Be unique!

We at InnovatorMe provide guidance to people and students making choices about their careers. We could help a client who wants to further their career, a client who wants to change career direction or a client who isn't quite sure what they want.

Who can get in touch with us?

We provide expert guidance to Universities, organizations, startups, students, and business professionals. Our expert team is capable of guiding you on the ways to reduce stress and train you on how to lead a healthy balanced life.

My child has issues in and outside of school can you help?

More children are experiencing anxiety and mild depression today which is affecting their schoolwork and their life at home. Sometimes the issue is a learning difference that can be remediated by a local change of school or sometimes the child would be better served at a traditional boarding school.

Other times it is a mental health issue that needs to be treated in a therapeutic program/school that specializes in that particular disorder. In these cases we work hand in hand with the family and referring professionals

How many hours do you spend with a student?

The educational consulting process is very intense; it takes hard work and considerable time. But the time spent varies student-by-student and individual situations. Some students need to spend more time working with us than others do. For instance, when it comes to writing essays, some of my students work through that process rather quickly; for others, the essay requires multiple re-writes. We give each student guidelines to help them through various tasks. The more independent the student, the more apt he/she is to take the ball and run with it. And, then, there are those who need help every step of the way because of their situations or workloads. Most importantly, we take considerable time getting to really know each student so that we can give them the best solution that fits their needs. We take pride in doing whatever it takes to get the job done well.

What makes us different from other education guides?

In some ways, that's a tough question because we can't and don't analyze how other educational guides conduct their business. Overall clients and professionals comment about how passionate we are about educational consulting and about our commitment to do the very best possible for our students and clients.

We leave no stone unturned for students. We conduct extensive research so that we can figure exactly what's right for each individual. Our work with students colleges, organizations, and parents are personal, Additionally, some educational consultants package their students, I do not.

Our Services also offer flexible payment plans in order to make these services available to more people. We think these services should be accessible to more people. That also makes us different! For more information write an email to careers.innovatorme@gmail.com

What about confidentiality?

We never identify our clients to anyone, under any circumstances. All communications between InnovatorMe and our clients are kept strictly confidential. The only time we reveal a client is if a client chooses to recommend us, and even then only if the client explicitly grants us permission to publish his/her name.

Does InnovatorMe work with schools or individual parents/students?

Both. We originally provide seminars to large audiences in colleges, high schools, and school districts. We also provide individualized services, books, and workbooks to help students develop strong applications for college admissions and career growth

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